Field Service

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Acu-Gage Systems offers annual mechanical service and recalibration for our customers throughout the continental United States. We offer global contract services for special trips. Acu-Gage has completed calibrations in China, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, the United Kingdom and South Korea. We also service our customers in Canada and Mexico.

Our factory service is like going for an annual checkup to your doctor. We will evaluate your Acu-Gage mechanically, correcting any problems pertaining to your Acu-Gage design. Our technician will verify that your optics and scales are operating at their proper and optimal condition. Your Acu-Gage will have a comprehensive error correction applied to the entire measuring table. The Acu-Gage technician will then verify the volumetric accuracy over the entire X/Y capacity of the stage. We use calibrated glass grid artifacts that correspond to the size of your specific Acu-Gage. Our thorough “Acu-Gage exam” helps ensure many years of accurate and productive operation for your quality program.